Why choose John Bowe Driving?

At John Bowe Driving our experience counts in terms of knowledge, ability, training, venues, quality and understanding.

Your experience will be fun and educational and the awareness gained on our courses by all drivers will be put to good use every time they are behind the wheel.

We have carefully designed courses which mix theory with practice in a combination that keeps participants interested and ensures that they go away with the ‘key messages’ which will make them better and safer drivers. Participants change their driving behaviour and attitude to sharing the road after completing the course.

Our instructors are obviously skilled professionals as drivers but, equally, they undergo training in communication. The ability to impart the message in a meaningful and understanding way is as important as the message itself.

Just as there are different levels of basic driver ability, so there are differing levels of learning the John Bowe Driving messages. We take the time, in small enough groups, to ensure that everyone gets the most from their driver training with us. If someone is progressing a little more slowly, we will provide the personal attention necessary to ensure that they benefit fully from the course. Our Drive to Arrive course is not difficult or daunting, partly because participants use their own vehicle in a controlled environment.

We pride ourselves that people come away from our courses amazed at how much they have learnt - and amazed at how much they did not already know about safe and defensive driving. That knowledge will be put to good use saving time and money and, crucially, preventing injuries to themselves or even saving their lives.

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Defensive Driving.

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High Performance Driving.

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